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Hey Guys!!
So I have TONS of DIY coming up!!


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August Favorites

This is very late, but I will be posting my August Favorites!!! August went by SO fast!!



My Favorite Hairstyle for the month is below!

My Favorite Staple Piece are my Abercrombie Lace Shorts!

First I have two L’Oreal Lip Products.

The first one is the L’Oreal Colour Riche in 178 Cardinal Plume.

This looks like SUCH a deep red but it is SO buildable. I only wear it if I am going to a fancy restaurant with my family.

Next is the L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Balm 118 Pink Satin

Next are three nail colors.

These are AMAZING colors! My favorite is “Tart-Deco”. They are all by Essie.

Next Two are hair products.

The first one is the Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray.

I am in love with this product! It soaks up all the oil and sweat in my hair, it makes my hair silky smooth after!

Next is my John Frieda Fizz-Ease Leave in Conditioner.

This makes my hair so soft!! I have not had any problems with frizz after using this products.


That is is!! Thanks for Reading!

Stay Safe in The Sun!

This is how to prep yourself for a sunny day outside.

#1. SUNSCREEN! I can not say it enough! I know you want to get a tan, so use a sheer sunscreen that has high SPF. But skin cancer is easy to get! An alternitive to usuing sheer sunscreen for a tan, is to use sunscreen, but use a tanning cream that will tint your skin, no sun needed!

My Fave is Jergens Tanning Lotion.

Look at before and after:

A tip: Get sunscreen ALL over your face! I just went to a water park for seven hours and I got sunburned on my EYELIDS! It hurts to blink!

Be sure to reapply every two hours!

You can skip foundation! Use a tinted sunscreen for a tan, before the sun!

#2: Use backup!

Use a SPF face powder to set the sunscreen as you would set a foundation. Make sure it has at least SPF 20 for best results.

Keep the powder in your handbag so you can reapply!

#3: Wear your Sunnies!!

This will protect your eyes from the sun, and it keeps you from damaging your eyes which can lead to troubles with sight.

#4. iPhone+Sun=NO!

When you leave your iPhone in the sun, it can over heat and the screen will crack. It happened to me and it is not fun! It damages the battery life badly and there are may other negetive effects.



Tech Mania

Its time to get tech-y.

Since school is starting, our style needs to go up! Even with tech!

My favorite style accesory is by Unique Skins. They have all of these skins for different types of phones, iPads, Laptops and so much more! For an iPhone it is only $6.99. You actually design them! You add an image and adjust it to fit. It works very well!

I love iPhone cases I have so many of them! My favorite is my pink bumper case. NEVER buy cases from the apple store! For a bumper case it is $30!! I bought mine online for $3!! Buy cases of amazon for the best deals!

Look an Etsy for the coolest cases! They can be handmade and they are so cool

You can find cool carrying cases for laptops on Amazon! I have a cute peace sign one that has peace signs from Amazon!










Casual Glam


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Casual Glam

Mango racer back tank
$28 –

Faith platform sandals
$39 –

Burberry suede handbag

NARS Cosmetics eyeshadow

Stila lip gloss

Elizabeth Arden lip gloss

#1 Way for A Easy French Manicure

The simplest was to get a french manicure is to use this Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit for $10

French Manicures and Pedicures cost a lot, so this is an easy way to get prefect tips!

Just paint the simple nail color on, and then do the tip and seal it with a top coat.

It is a great deal because usually it costs a lot, and it made it so much easier!


Easy, yet amazing Nail Art!

These are ways to get amazing nail art easily!

1. Nail Polish Strips

These are very easy to use and all you need to do is put them on your nail, file it down to fit your nail and then seal with a base coat.

2. False Nails

These are probably the easiest to use and they last the longest. You can but insanely creative ones on”Etsy”

3.Nail Stickers

You can buy nail stickers to accesorize your looks!!

Try:Fancy Stikcers

4. Nail Art Pen

This is so easy to use and it is just like a pen! It is much easier than using a brush.

5. Nail Jewels

These are so easy! All you do is stick it on and your look is glammed up!

Gym Class Doesn’t Have to be a Drag

These are ways to make your gym class shine!

The staple pieces you need are just colorful shorts and workout tops! You will need some T shirts too! Make sure that you have some long sleeved shirts and workout jackets.

Those are most of them!

You can buy most of those at Nike and Target.

Be sure to have some colorful tank tops you can pair with different shorts.

I am beginning to buy more and more sports bras!

These are by Nike and Aerie.

Also, begin to buy some tight yoga pants and normal yoga pants for when it gets cold.

I love these shorts style yoga pants (well, shorts) too!

You can buy all of these at “aerie” by American Eagle.

Aerie is the perfect place to shop for gym clothes. It is stylish and may be a little expensive but its worth it!

Now for makeup, try to stay with waterproof things and use a special primer to keep your makeup to stay all day!

Try: Stay Don’t Spray Eyelid Primer

This is sweat-proof so it won’t fade and won’t streak.

As for hair, you’ll need TONS of hair ties and head bands!

Try: Scunci no damage hair ties 2.99

I love headbands so I like to try different styles and thicknesses.

Of course, you have to buy lots of deodorants. Personally, I like gel deodrents. But you can also buy solid and spray deodorants. Spray deodorants are better if you want coverage everywhere and not just your armpits.

Hope you enjoyed this article!