This is a simple beach or pool look! It is easy and is water friendly!

First off, I will be using my Neutrogena mineral sheers powder foundation SPF 20 (still be sure to use sunscreen!)

Spread that all over your face.

Be sure to bring the powder in your purse for re-application.

Next I am going to use my posie-tint lip and cheek tint by Benefit Cosmetics. I chose to use this because it stays on for so long and feels semi-waterproof.

Dab that on the ball of your cheeks then circularly rub in.

Now dab it on your lips and rub in.

Next, I’ll be using this Showtime Volumizing Waterproof Mascara by NYC

Apply that then, use a Revlon concealer. Dab it on all of your imperfections.

Rub that in really well.

Now, I’ll be using a waterproof eyeliner. Line to outside of your eyelid with thick short strokes.

This is the finished makeup look!

Don’t Leave Yet!! Next, is the quick simple hair look!

Take a front section of hair. Twist it back and hold! DO NOT PIN!

I dont pin it back because usually pins will fall out, and it would should be easy to take your hair down to go swimming!

Tie your hair back into a messy bun.

You can take a few pieces of hair down if you want. You can spray in hairspray, but I reccoment using a light natural one, not a harsh hold one.

I really wanted to show you this cute beach dress that I got from Kohl’s.


Thats My Look!