People always think that you need to be SUPER rich and have the most expensive clothes to be a fashionista, but the truth is, all you have to have is STYLE. These are a few ways to save money but still be stylish.
-Look at the clearence and the sale section! Just because it is being cleared or it is on sale doesn’t mean it isnt cute! It just means that need to clear some items out to bring in more clothes with out over stocking and also they put it on sale to get better buisness! For example, Abercrombie and Fitch is one of my favorite places to shop at, but it is REALLY expensive! But in their defense, the clothes are well made and up to date! They clear clothes early so that they can have the new style ready quickly. And their sale and clearence deals are HUGE. I saw something for $45.00 then it went on sale and it was $20.00! So that was a GREAT deal. 🙂 and a FANTASTIC way to save!

-Add It All Up!
When I find TONS of cute clothes and I know that it will cost a LOT for ALL of them, I have a good system. First, I grab ALL the clothes that I would get if they were all $1. Then, I use the calculator app on my phone and quickly add up all the prices (it actually doesn’t take that long). Then when I see the result and I know it is expensive, I start getting rid of clothes and subtracting their prices until I get to a good price. I ask my mom if the price is good and if she says yes, than we buy them, if they say NO, then I subtract MORE until we agree..

-Find it online!  If you find something cute, but expensive you can always remember what it is then search it online. For example, you could search “Jean overalls” and you could probably find almost the same exact  garment the you liked!

Every fashionista has probably said this once in their life “Which one should  I get?!” Here are some tips on how to choose

-Take a picture If you can’t decide just take a picture! Grab one item and buy it after taking a picture of the other. Then ask your mom or anyone to get it for you or ask for it for the next holiday, even say, “As an early christmas present!” Then you should have less regret!

-Flip a coin Now, I know, no one likes a coin to decide their fate, but with this psychologically proven method YOU decide! When you are stuck between two things take out a coin and say something like “Heads is the ____ Tails is _____!” Then flip the coin and see what it lands on then say the result, like “I am getting the ____.” See how you feel. If you feel disapointed then grab the other one and buy it without looking back. But, if you feel satisfied then bring your item to the cash register and buy it.