These are ways to make your gym class shine!

The staple pieces you need are just colorful shorts and workout tops! You will need some T shirts too! Make sure that you have some long sleeved shirts and workout jackets.

Those are most of them!

You can buy most of those at Nike and Target.

Be sure to have some colorful tank tops you can pair with different shorts.

I am beginning to buy more and more sports bras!

These are by Nike and Aerie.

Also, begin to buy some tight yoga pants and normal yoga pants for when it gets cold.

I love these shorts style yoga pants (well, shorts) too!

You can buy all of these at “aerie” by American Eagle.

Aerie is the perfect place to shop for gym clothes. It is stylish and may be a little expensive but its worth it!

Now for makeup, try to stay with waterproof things and use a special primer to keep your makeup to stay all day!

Try: Stay Don’t Spray Eyelid Primer

This is sweat-proof so it won’t fade and won’t streak.

As for hair, you’ll need TONS of hair ties and head bands!

Try: Scunci no damage hair ties 2.99

I love headbands so I like to try different styles and thicknesses.

Of course, you have to buy lots of deodorants. Personally, I like gel deodrents. But you can also buy solid and spray deodorants. Spray deodorants are better if you want coverage everywhere and not just your armpits.

Hope you enjoyed this article!