This is how to prep yourself for a sunny day outside.

#1. SUNSCREEN! I can not say it enough! I know you want to get a tan, so use a sheer sunscreen that has high SPF. But skin cancer is easy to get! An alternitive to usuing sheer sunscreen for a tan, is to use sunscreen, but use a tanning cream that will tint your skin, no sun needed!

My Fave is Jergens Tanning Lotion.

Look at before and after:

A tip: Get sunscreen ALL over your face! I just went to a water park for seven hours and I got sunburned on my EYELIDS! It hurts to blink!

Be sure to reapply every two hours!

You can skip foundation! Use a tinted sunscreen for a tan, before the sun!

#2: Use backup!

Use a SPF face powder to set the sunscreen as you would set a foundation. Make sure it has at least SPF 20 for best results.

Keep the powder in your handbag so you can reapply!

#3: Wear your Sunnies!!

This will protect your eyes from the sun, and it keeps you from damaging your eyes which can lead to troubles with sight.

#4. iPhone+Sun=NO!

When you leave your iPhone in the sun, it can over heat and the screen will crack. It happened to me and it is not fun! It damages the battery life badly and there are may other negetive effects.